Juniper Unmanned provides comprehensive training services to ensure effective, safe and compliant unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) program operations.

Flight Operations Training Program

Juniper’s comprehensive UAS training program includes both classroom and field instruction. The classroom training provides UAS operators with a basic understanding of the aviation processes vital to a successful UAS program. Our classroom training includes instruction on the following:

  • Fundamentals of Flight
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Mission Planning
  • Aviation Regulations and Airspace
  • Weather and Environmental Factors

The field portion of our training program offers “hands-on” flight instruction, which is critical in becoming a successful UAS operator. Field training is comprised of three phases:

  • Demonstration flights made by our training staff
  • Instructed flights where trainers coach trainees
  • The checkride flight, where trainees fly a complete mission on their own

The Training Team

All of our UAS trainers have experience delivering training programs for aircraft manufacturers, UAS dealers and commercial firms. In total, Juniper’s training staff has more than 8,500 flight hours on military and commercial unmanned platforms and has provided more than 4,000 hours of operator instruction.

A Manufacturer's Training Solution

Juniper Unmanned has both the expertise and experience to help UAS manufacturers develop and deliver training services for their aircraft platforms. Juniper supports many manufacturers with training, operations and compliance reporting. As Trimble’s official training services provider, we have engaged operators on five continents around the world.

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