Flight Services

Clients sometimes need a highly-qualified and reliable team to fly a UAV and generate data products. Juniper provides flight crews for projects anywhere on the globe.

Juniper Unmanned will help you maximize the benefit of unmanned aircraft for your specific application.  We build flight plans from well-researched workflows that take into account how to best accomplish your objective  Doing so produces results that are faster, better quality, and less expensive than other options.

Our process begins by thoroughly understanding your requirements, selecting the appropriate airframe and sensor, and outlining the mission parameters. A Juniper solutions engineer considers how the data will be processed, managed, and analyzed. The flights are then planned in way that best accomplishes the goal. 

Our team, and all affiliated flight services providers are fully insured for general and professional liability. Our operators are trained to a proficiency standard and inspected regularly, and most hold private pilot licenses. The aircraft platforms are tested for airworthiness and maintained by certified aircraft mechanics. All operations are conducted in full compliance with the regulations of the national aviation authority. Every operation follows a professionally-developed safety procedure and aviation checklist.

To learn more about Juniper flight services, please contact Jeff Southard.

Possible Industrial Applications

  • ​Stockpile volumes

  • Asset mapping

  • Blast planning

  • Borehole mapping

  • Tower inspections

  • Utility line inspections

  • Road survey

  • Rail inspection

  • Site surveillance

  • Border protection

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Additional Products

Survey and Mapping

We use advanced sensing technology to improve the construction manager's visibility of project dynamics by providing rapid data and actionable intelligence.


We research the impacts of human activity on our natural environment and provide insights to land managers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Asset Management

Improving the efficiency of our transportation networks with robotically-generated intelligence.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance that enhances site security.