Juniper Unmanned's environmental services help industrial and public sector clients around the world manage and protect our natural environment by providing perspective that is difficult to achieve with any other methodology.

We use the foremost technologies to inform environmental projects.  The intelligence we provide helps make better decisions that balance the needs for growth and resiliency.  Our specialized teams of solutions engineers, project managers, and technical specialists select the appropriate airframe and sensor, build flight plans from well-researched workflows that take into account how to best accomplish your objective. Our environmental solutions are thoroughly tested and optimized with state-of-the-art systems.

From complex urban centers to remote, environmentally sensitive locations, from roads and bridges to earthen dams, from power plants to stadiums, Juniper Unmanned is your innovation partner, helping you produce results that are faster, better quality, and less expensive than other options.

Our team, and all affiliated flight services providers are fully insured for general and professional liability. Our operators are trained to a proficiency standard and inspected regularly, and most hold private pilot licenses. The aircraft platforms are tested for airworthiness and maintained by certified aircraft mechanics. All operations are conducted in full compliance with the regulations of the national aviation authority. Every operation follows a professionally-developed safety procedure and aviation checklist.

To learn more about Juniper flight services, please contact Bret Gardner.

We take care of the details.

Trained remote pilots
Compliance permissions and reports
Operational design
Unmanned aircraft
Data processing
Qualified and certified personnel

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Representative Services

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  • Bathymetric Surface Models

  • Hydrology

  • Habitat Mapping

  • Reclamation Status

  • Stand Count

  • Plant Health

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