It can be difficult to evaluate the environmental impacts of human activity. The sensing and analytics of Juniper Unmanned provide the "ground-truth" so you have an empirical view of the facts and can make informed decisions to manage the long-term sustainability of your land assets.

We use the foremost technologies to inform environmental projects.  The intelligence we provide helps make better decisions that balance the needs for growth and resiliency.  Our specialized teams of solutions engineers, project managers, and technical specialists select the appropriate airframe and sensor, build flight plans from well-researched workflows that take into account how to best accomplish your objective. Our environmental solutions are thoroughly tested and optimized with state-of-the-art systems.

From complex urban centers to remote, environmentally sensitive locations, from roads and bridges to earthen dams, from power plants to stadiums, Juniper Unmanned is your innovation partner, helping you produce results that are faster, better quality, and less expensive than other options.

We take care of the details.

  • Qualified and certified personnel
  • Compliance permissions and reports
  • Operational design
  • Insurance
  • Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis



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  • Stream Flow Monitoring

  • Bathymetric Surface Models

  • Habitat Mapping

  • Reclamation Status

  • Wildland Firefighting

  • Plant Health

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Additional Products

Survey and Mapping

We use advanced sensing technology to improve the construction manager's visibility of project dynamics by providing rapid data and actionable intelligence.

Asset Management

Improving the efficiency of our transportation networks with robotically-generated intelligence.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance that enhances site security.