Enterprise Management

Juniper helps you deliver commercial UAS solutions on a global scale

One of the great challenges of business at the enterprise level is developing and effective way to deliver commercial and industrial UAS solutions on a global scale.  Then, even if you solve the scalability challenge, you still have to figure out how to get consistent results, manage your risk and do it in an economically sustainable manner.

Juniper Unmanned’s Enterprise Management solution addresses all of those problems.  Using the tools of world-class operator training, Sparrow flight management system, and our ability to complete flight services from day one, Juniper can help you build and manage a UAS program that is effective, safe and compliant, and produces real results.

Your operations are connected to managers through Sparrow flight management system.  Sparrow organizes and tracks all flight operations and even serves as the link to the effective operational workflows for every project.  This centralized workflow design provides global consistency and reliable data outcomes.

That’s UAS simplified.

For more information on Enterprise Management possibilities please contact Tim Roorda.

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