Provider Alliance

Juniper Unmanned works with a network of qualified service providers to serve geographic markets across the United States. Service providers in the network receive everything that is necessary to operate with the level of professionalism you have come to expect from Juniper Unmanned. This includes sales support, technical training, hardware, data processing, insurance, operations support, and project coordination tools. If you are an operator of Unmanned Systems (UAV's, USV's, UGS, or other robotics), and are interested in joining the network, please contact us.


Juniper Unmanned supplies operators with the equipment they need to succeed.  All equipment is thoroughly selected and tested for its reliability and suitability for the tasks at hand.  Operators may specialize in certain capabilities (i.e. LiDAR sensing on utility lines), or may specialize in a broad set of capabilies in a geographic market.  Providers are required to own and maintain their own equipment for their specialization.


Equipment leasing is available on all equipment purchases.  Juniper Unmanned works with a private source of capital for leasing so providers receive the most advantageous terms and conditions.  


Airsure Limited provides optimized packages of insurance that are tailored for the needs of providers in the Juniper Unmanned provider network.

Sales Support

The sales team at Juniper Unmanned provides sales across the provider network territories and specializations.  Our professional team provides sales support materials that you can customize for your needs.

Operations Support

There is nothing more frustrating than being in the field without the support needed to complete the mission and meet the client expectations.  Juniper Unmanned provides tested field methods and engineers to answer questions and help crews overcome unexpected obstacles.

Data Processing

Providers do the data acquisition.  Our team processes the data to meet client requirements.  

Additional Products

Survey and Mapping

We use advanced sensing technology to improve the construction manager's visibility of project dynamics by providing rapid data and actionable intelligence.


We research the impacts of human activity on our natural environment and provide insights to land managers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Asset Management

Improving the efficiency of our transportation networks with robotically-generated intelligence.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance that enhances site security.