About Juniper Unmanned

Juniper Unmanned is a team of experienced aviation, technical and business professionals dedicated to implementing safe, effective and compliant unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) programs for enterprise clients.

Who We Are

Juniper’s staff includes knowledgeable UAS trainers, aviation specialists and technology experts that provide direction about best practices for effective unmanned aircraft operations. Because much of Juniper’s operational experience is derived from military and commercial programs, we strongly emphasize the critical role of standards to promote safe and efficient operations. It is from this rigorous experience that Juniper Unmanned is able to provide our clients with complete support, resulting in an effective and profitable UAS program. 

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Juniper’s integrated approach to enterprise program management is designed to maximize the strengths of unmanned aircraft, system sensors, and data workflows. Our goal is to optimize your operational efficiency and productivity. Juniper Unmanned also provides UAS operations support with Sparrow, a web-based flight management solution that helps firms manage all aspects of a commercial UAS program, including aircraft, flight personnel and government regulations.


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Juniper's solutions are available exclusively through our network of dealers.  Dealers partner with Juniper Unmanned to resell Juniper products and services. Our reseller network currently available to serve customers throughout North America.

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The Juniper Unmanned Partner Network is a community of like-minded organizations, providing UAS solutions for the mining, oil and gas, and heavy construction industries.  Aircraft and remote sensing technology companies around the globe partner with Juniper Unmanned to bring you proven solutions that help you accomplish your business goals.  The companies that partner with Juniper are committed to your success and work diligently to bring you the best technologies and services available.  

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